Foods That Trigger Miscarriage?

Illustration of Foods That Trigger Miscarriage?
Illustration: Foods That Trigger Miscarriage? Bing

, I want to ask, I was just 8 weeks pregnant when I was 6 weeks pregnant, I ate honey pineapple when I was 6 weeks pregnant, do you think it’s dangerous for the fetus or not? rnrnThank you

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Hello Yuli

Consuming pineapples and durians generally does not affect one's pregnancy, but consuming something in excess will certainly affect your health directly, not the fetus in the womb.

Pineapple fruit itself is good for health Apart from containing high and high vitamin C, pineapple also contains the enzyme bromelain which can reduce inflammation, inhibit fluid accumulation in the lungs, relax muscles, prevent blood clots, and prevent muscle pain. However, this bromelain enzyme can also cause allergic reactions, diarrhea and digestive disorders.

Durian also contains vitamin C and fiber which are good for health, durian also contains potassium which helps in keeping blood pressure low. The side effects that may appear are stomach pain, flatulence, diarrhea, vomiting, and allergic reactions.

So it's okay for pregnant women to consume these fruits, but in reasonable quantities.

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