Foods To Reduce Blood Sugar Levels Rise After Giving Birth?

Illustration of Foods To Reduce Blood Sugar Levels Rise After Giving Birth?
Illustration: Foods To Reduce Blood Sugar Levels Rise After Giving Birth?

hello, I want to ask, what foods are suitable for lowering blood sugar? I don’t have a history of diabetes, but before giving birth my blood sugar went up so I had to have a cesarean section because I had preeclampsia … thanks

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Hello Ms. Priyanka, thank you for asking

Diabetes that occurs during pregnancy in medical terms is called gestational diabetes. This type of diabetes only lasts during pregnancy until the delivery process. Usually appears at gestational age at weeks 24 to 28.

Not yet known exactly what causes of this gestational diabetes. Allegedly strong because of hormonal changes in the mother's body that only occurs during pregnancy. Then excessive consumption of sugary foods during pregnancy can also be a risk factor for elevated blood sugar levels. Certainly, high blood sugar can cause dangerous conditions for both mother and fetus, so that blood sugar levels must be immediately lowered or when they are at an adequate gestational age and also occur preeclampsia, the pregnancy must be terminated immediately.

After giving birth, blood sugar levels will return to normal. But you should still monitor blood sugar levels with regular checks at least once a month to prevent diabetes mellitus in the future. Some ways that can be done to reduce the risk factors for diabetes are as follows:

 Increase consumption of foods containing safe for diabetes, which is high-fiber foods such as vegetables and fruits. Also avoid foods that cause diabetes, which are foods that are high in fat and high in calories. Regular exercise to maintain a healthy body. Exercise will also reduce insulin resistance. Try to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day if possible or multiply on foot and do homework. Keep the body weight ideal. Someone who is obese has a risk factor for insulin resistance that leads to diabetes. Also read references regarding food for people with diabetes. Click here and here.

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