Foot Skin?

Illustration of Foot Skin?
Illustration: Foot Skin?

if the thickness of the soles of the feet is normal or not … the thickness is thick overall and from the small so it’s not thick because of calluses

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Due to repeated friction and pressure, the skin of your feet will normally be thicker than the skin in other areas of your body. As long as the thickening occurs naturally, not to trigger other complaints on your skin, such as wounds, skin rashes, peeling, cracking, runny, festering, itchy, sore, etc., this condition often doesn't need you to worry, and also doesn't need special management.

You can resolve complaints in the soles of your feet with the following efforts:

Wash your feet diligently using antiseptic soap every time you take a bath, after your activities, and before going to bed. Use moisturizers on your feet so they don't dry. Always use clean, dry, comfortable, padded footwear, and fit your foot size when doing activities. , nor carelessly take care of your foot skin without consulting first about its safety to the doctor Take care of your ideal body weight so as not to cause excessive strain on the soles of your feet If your complaint does not improve with the steps above, or if other disturbing complaints arise as we describe above, do not hesitate to check yourself directly to a doctor or a dermatologist huh .. In addition to the result of friction and pressure on the soles of the feet, many other factors can also influence the thickening of the skin of your feet, for example callus (calluses), clavus (eyes fish), xerosis (dry skin), skin infections, dermatitis ko not, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, and so on. These various conditions are not likely to improve only with natural treatment at home, but also need to be accompanied by appropriate treatment from a doctor.

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