For Facial Treatments For Acne At The Age Of 25 Is Better Facials Or To A Dermatologist?

Hello. I am a 25 year old woman. Lately, pimples often appear on my face. The size of the pimples is small, not suppurating 3-4 seeds around the chin. The zits disappear and appear alternately. Whereas before I was rarely spotty, even in the past my face tended to be dry. However, since my office did not use AC, my face became oily and then pimples began to appear. I am afraid that this acne will multiply if not treated. How to get rid of zits? Better I do a facial or to a dermatologist for a consultation? For daily make up, what kind of light make up should I use? (Since it was spotty, I didn’t dare to use any makeup including sunscreen and moisturizer). Please help. thanks.

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Acne is an inflammation of the skin caused by blockage of hair follicles by sebum and dead skin. Inflammation that occurs can be accompanied by a bacterial skin infection. The risk of experiencing acne will increase in someone who has oily skin types and rarely wash their face. Some tips that you can live to overcome your facial skin problems, namely:
1. Wash your face enough 2 times a day using soft soap and are oil free and noncomedogenic. Gently puff on your face. Prioritizing washing your face when outside activities.
2. Use sunscreen from morning to evening by applying it repeatedly every 2 hours.
3. Use exfoliating nighttime facials once every 2-3 days. So that it can slough off dead skin gradually and continuously.
4. Help also improve your facial skin by regularly consuming vitamins A and C.
5. Consult with a dermatologist to get antibiotic prescriptions and other skin treatments.
6. Don't do facials without a doctor's recommendation. Also avoid doing facials at beauty facilities that do not have skilled medical personnel. Because the tools used cannot be guaranteed to be sterile or not. In addition, squeezing acne can also cause the spread of bacteria to other parts of the skin.
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