Forearm Pain In The History Of Untreated Injury?

Illustration of Forearm Pain In The History Of Untreated Injury?
Illustration: Forearm Pain In The History Of Untreated Injury?

I have suffered an injury to the right arm where I have pressed it with the help of a friend when the injured right arm is going to go up in pain and the position is going to go down after being pressed the sound of kretek then good again and it has been 3/6 yr right back pain aches when I do why the left arm moves why and how to overcome it

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Good morning, thanks for the question.

The cause of pain in the arm that you experience can be due to several things, including:
- a history of trauma to the arm that has not been handled properly
- muscle pain / myalgia
- sprains (sprain / strain)
- inflammation of the tendons (tendinitis)
- inflammation of nerves in the arm area (neuritis)
- inflammation of the bursa (bursitis)
- fractures / fractures
- etc

To find out the exact cause you need to see a doctor so that the doctor can do an examination related to it, if the suspicion leads to an injury to the bone, such as a fracture or others, then an X-ray examination can be done and a referral to a bone specialist, and if Suspicion leads to neurological disorders so the doctor can refer to a neurologist. After knowing the exact cause the doctor can make appropriate treatment.

To reduce the symptoms of pain, you can take pain medications such as paracetamol, etc. In addition you can also compress with warm water on the part of the arm that feels pain to relax the muscles more if there is a possibility of muscle tension, rest your arms if the pain becomes more and do enough stretching when going to do activities for a long time.

Thus the information we can convey, hopefully helps.

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