Forgot To Take Birth Control Pills, Can You Get Pregnant?

Hi I want to ask … I want 3 years I have to inject 3 months, and this month I have to inject it but I don’t take the microdiol pill 6 days ago, on the 5th day I forgot to drink, which should be at 21.00 , I can remember and drink it at 00.15 … and today I also forgot not to be right when it’s 21.30 … Is that pregnant or not? Then, what fertility period does it take to return long after we get an injection like a pill?

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Switching from one method of contraception to another should not be done haphazardly. Because, not all types of contraception are right for everyone to use in all conditions. Concerned, improper use of contraception actually makes you experience health problems, not only has the opportunity to get pregnant unplanned, but other side effects can also appear.

3-month injection contraception, as the name suggests, can only work effectively to prevent pregnancy for 12 weeks from the time of injection. When it has passed 12 weeks, and you are no longer undergoing family planning injections, then you can be declared fertile again and have a chance to get pregnant when having sex. Unfortunately, you did not explain exactly how you take birth control pills so far, so it is also difficult for us to assess whether or not your pill consumption method is correct. What is clear, often too late in taking birth control pills can make the effectiveness of the birth control pills decrease, so that the chances of pregnancy will be greater.

Better, you first check yourself to the doctor or obstetrician to evaluate which type of contraception is most appropriate for you to use according to your condition. Not only that, by going directly to the doctor, of course the doctor can also evaluate the accuracy of your birth control pills so far, and whether you have the chance to get pregnant with it or not. To ensure pregnancy, you may later be directed to undergo a blood test, urine test, or ultrasound.

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