Forgot To Take Tuberculosis Medicine Should You Start Over?

Illustration of Forgot To Take Tuberculosis Medicine Should You Start Over?
Illustration: Forgot To Take Tuberculosis Medicine Should You Start Over?

, I forgot to take tbc medicine, initially I took medicine at 22.00, well one day I forgot because I overslept, then I immediately took the medicine at 24.38, do I have to repeat the treatment from the beginning?

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TB (TB, Tuberculosis) is one type of disease that is quite common in Indonesia. This disease is caused by an infection of a type of bacterial microorganism called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. These microorganisms can infect any part of the body, such as the lungs, lymph nodes, pleura, skin, digestive tract, even the brain. This disease can cause symptoms that vary from mild to severe, depending on the infected body part, the patient's immune system, and the treatment they undergo.

Regularity of treatment is one of the main keys in healing TB sufferers. TB treatment is done by giving a combination of antibiotics and vitamins, or often called OAT (anti-TB drugs), which are consumed for at least 6 months. This OAT consumption needs to be consumed with discipline every day as recommended by doctors.

Forgotten or late consuming OAT can reduce the effectiveness of these drugs in the body. Therefore, the potential for treatment failure will be greater. However, if you have only been forgotten once, and even then not exceeding 24 hours, chances are this condition is not dangerous. Continue to take your medication as usual, and keep in mind that your medication consumption schedule is not forgotten. To avoid the potential for forgetting to take medicine, here are the steps you can apply:

Always drink OAT at the same time every day
Set an alarm, make a reminder when you should take medication
Ask for support from family, partner, or other people who live close to you to remind you to consume OAT

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