Formula Milk Size For 4 Month Old Baby?

Illustration of Formula Milk Size For 4 Month Old Baby?
Illustration: Formula Milk Size For 4 Month Old Baby? Bing

ok baby q why are you drinking formula now it’s been 4 months now how many mil/ml how many mil/ml?

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Ideally, babies who are not even 6 months old still consume exclusively breast milk without any additional food or drink. Therefore, we need to clarify, what are the obstacles that you experience so that you do not breastfeed your baby breast milk (breast milk)?

Breastfeeding babies has many benefits. One of them is, mothers can provide sufficient breast milk to babies according to their needs. When the baby feels full, of course the baby will automatically stop eating your nipples and milk production will stop temporarily. This is hard to come by when you breastfeed your baby on formula.

In addition, there are many more benefits of breastfeeding for babies, ranging from healthier digestive conditions, minimizing the risk of allergies, preventing malnutrition, preventing obesity, and also increasing emotional closeness between mother and baby.

In general, a 4 month old baby consumes 30 to 90 ml of milk every 2 to 4 hours, or if calculated, then in a day he can consume 570 to 900 ml of milk per day. However, this quantity can vary greatly depending on the baby's weight, activities carried out, environmental conditions, or also other illnesses suffered. Therefore, you should go directly to a pediatrician to get a clear benchmark according to your child's condition.

At this time, we strongly advise you to try relactation (breastfeeding again) for the good of your baby. The method:

Gradually, reduce formula feeding, increase your child's milk directly from the breast every 2 to 3 hours Express your breast milk every 2 hours to increase its production Avoid using a pacifier, replace it with a spoon or cupfeeder Take care of your milk production by drinking lots and eating well nutritious, don't stress, or get tired. If you still have problems, try to consult directly with a lactation consultant doctor, okay?

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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