Formula Milk

Illustration of Formula Milk
Illustration: Formula Milk

My doc is working so the child drinks milk with ASI and my child is 10 months old. But at the end of this * how come my child is not drinking formula milk, huh? Is there a possibility that the child is bored with formula milk or what is a doc? And do you need milk instead, doc? thank you

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I understand your concern, actually it doesn't matter if your baby is reduced to drinking formula milk. After 6 months, the staple food is no longer breast milk or formula milk, but solid food (MPASI). Milk is given as a supplement only, enough to be given 2-3 times if the baby wants, and this milk is not a substitute for food. Naturally, if you eat milk consumption is reduced because the child already feels full. You should also give the distance between milk and eat about 2 hours.

To find out if your child is malnourished or not, you can plot your child's growth on the KMS (card to health) by weighing your child each month. As long as your child grows in a normal growth line (green) and does not cut the two lines underneath, it can be said that your child is growing well and is not malnourished.

You can give nutritious snacks like biscuits and fruit in the interlude of eating and drinking children's milk. if the child has decreased appetite, drinking prolonged milk you can do a direct examination to the pediatrician to get the right handler

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