Illustration of Fracture?
Illustration: Fracture?

6 months ago I broke my hand and underwent alternative medicine for 3 months … after that my hand was curved …. finally I underwent surgery in solo … after 3 months since the bandage was removed … my hand was already straight but my broken arm is smaller than the other one … the doctor said from solo it’s fine … i want to ask if the size of the hand is dangerous

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Hi Ken,

A bone that is subjected to trauma or impact may fracture. When a fracture occurs, it should be checked by an orthopedic doctor so that it can be treated immediately so that healing runs well.

Alternative treatment when a fracture is not recommended because it can increase the risk of complications such as a malunion (the bone connects poorly resulting in a crooked bone or a lump in the fracture), not connecting, delayed splicing, and infection.

The possibility of curved hands is caused by healing complications due to improper handling. Curved hands can be repaired with surgery by an orthopedic doctor as you have already been.

The difference in size / broken arm is less likely due to muscle atrophy due to disuse. During the healing process, the bones will be fixed so that they cannot move freely. This fixation and immobilization can cause the muscles around the bones to experience shrinkage / atrophy and appear smaller and decrease muscle strength.

To overcome this you should consult again with an orthopedic doctor and a medical rehabilitation doctor so that further evaluation can be done and you can be given further treatment, for example with physiotherapy to help restore hand function. With the right exercises and exercise on a regular basis, it is hoped that the strength and size of the muscles will return to normal slowly.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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