Freckles Like The First Zit On The Ankle

Illustration of Freckles Like The First Zit On The Ankle
Illustration: Freckles Like The First Zit On The Ankle

Tonight docI want to ask, 1 month I experienced red spots and white water was broken out. And itchy dock. Itching is felt most severe at night. Now that the spots have started to spread in my armpits, buttocks and calves, I’ve gone to the puskesmas and have been given ointment. Then I read on the internet the word scabies. And I bought the scabimite permetrhin ointment. But already began to shrink the bump. But when I scratch the swell enlarges again. What is the medicine dock?

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Hello Hendri, Thank you for the question.

Some skin health problems can cause similar symptoms, namely a red rash on the skin so as to ascertain the reason, a doctor should be examined directly. Symptoms of an itchy red rash can be caused by:

scabies / scabies
fungal infection

Before knowing the right treatment, you need to make sure first what is the cause of this red rash that you experience by seeing a doctor. Scabimite is a salpe containing permethrine, which is used to treat scabies. This drug is a class of hard drugs that should not be used without doctor's advice. If the symptoms do not improve, please return to your nearest doctor. You can consult with other general practitioners to ask for other opinions about your condition and subsequent treatment. Proper treatment can only be determined after confirming the cause of your symptoms with a doctor's examination. Your doctor may need to do other tests such as skin scrapings before giving treatment that suits your condition.

In the meantime, please avoid the habit of scratching itchy skin. You can use salicyl powder or calamine lotion to help relieve itching. Please keep your body clean by bathing regularly. It is also advisable to wash your spres, pillowcases and bolsters, and your blanket in hot water and then dry in the sun. Avoid sharing personal items with others.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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