Frequency Of Administration Of Pure Milk To Children After Surgery?

Night. My child has a brain infection. Already in operation, but the energy has not recovered and is weak. Until this time the condition is weak, and can still eat and drink from the mouth. Only milk can be filtered through the hose. How many times should I give milk and how many liters of milk?

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Milk is one that can be consumed by patients who have just had surgery on the brain. Milk contains high protein which can help its recovery. If the child cannot eat regular food and can only eat liquid food, the milk given is special milk, not ordinary cow's milk. This milk is actually a liquid food that can replace solid food. How many times and how much liquid food is given will greatly depend on the needs of your child. Your doctor or nutritionist usually does a calculation of your child's nutritional needs based on your child's weight and height. High protein requirements may also have been calculated. You should follow the advice of a doctor or nutritionist who has examined your child. If you are still unclear, you should ask the doctor who handles your child again so that your child does not lack nutrition. Also ask when your child's plan can start changing liquid foods to soft foods until you can finally eat solid foods like before surgery.

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