Frequency Of Defecation In Children 1 Year And How To Gain Weight?

Hello, I want to ask, my child is 1 year old, but the bb doesn’t go up “, it’s still 7kg, I want to eat, 2 times a day, but my child is very active and the BAB is very frequent, in 24 hours it can be 3 or smpe 4 times CHAPTER, is that normal? Then do I need to replace regular formula milk with weight-enhancing formula milk like pedia sure, s-26 nutrisure etc. Please explain, and if needed, recommend the brand, and the dosage, thanks

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In general, there is no frequency in how many times a day or a week a child aged 1 year must defecate, because this frequency is very varied depending on each individual. As long as the defecated bowel is not liquid (solid form) and not accompanied by excessive blood and mucus, then it can still be said that your child's bowel is still normal. If your child's defecation does not meet these criteria, it is strongly recommended to check it further with the doctor.

Regarding body weight that is not rising, it is strongly recommended to consult further with your doctor to do an assessment of the nutritional status of your child and also the search for possible causes of weight gain that is difficult to gain. The doctor may suggest that your child do several tests to screen for possible causes.

For now, do not limit its activities because these activities are also important for its development. If you want to use a child's weight-enhancing milk, it is permissible, you can try any brand that matches the dosage according to the recommendations on the package. However, it is more advisable to pay more attention to the daily nutrition of foods provided to your child. Make sure your child gets a full nutritious and varied food every day, and in adequate portions. Don't focus too much on giving formula milk continuously because children aged 1 year need additional nutritional intake from foods other than milk.

Regarding good food for children aged 1 year you can read more in the following article.

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