Frequency Of Defecation In Infants Aged 1 Month?

Illustration of Frequency Of Defecation In Infants Aged 1 Month?
Illustration: Frequency Of Defecation In Infants Aged 1 Month?

Assalamu Alaikum …. the doctor wants to ask, my child is 1 month 9 days … this day has not been a normal chapter 3 to 4 times the chapter is 1 day … The milk is from the mother, what I want to ask is whether it is normal and how to handle it so that the bowel returns smoothly?

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Children aged 1 month and 9 days, have not been able to defecate all day, whereas your child usually defecates 3-4 times a day.

According to the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI), infants less than two months old will defecate very often even up to 10 times a day, with a consistency of soft feces shaped like pasta. This is because the function of the digestive organs in infants is not fully formed. As we get older, the frequency of bowel movements will decrease, which is at the age of approaching 2 months of age BAB will be 5-7 times a day, because the function of digestive organs has begun to form and become more mature. Usually at the age of about 3 years, a new child will defecate like adults, which is at least once a day.

There are several things that affect the frequency of bowel movements, including the amount of nutrients that enter the baby's body. In infants aged up to 6 months, their nutrition can only come from breast milk (exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months) and should not be given any nutrients including water, except in certain conditions which require that the child is not enough just to get breast milk.

So, in your baby who is 1 year and 9 months old, in one day the chapter has not come out at all, it is necessary to know further possible causes, including: lack of breast milk intake that the mother gives to the baby. The baby is given a minimum of breast milk every 2 hours, but if the baby always asks for breast milk in less than 2 hours, it remains and must always be stabbed because it provides more benefits. If less milk is given, it will affect the amount of bowel and bladder in the baby which will be reduced, and can also cause the baby to look yellow. The most frequent cause of reduced frequency of bowel and bladder in infants is due to lack of nutrition from the mother for the baby.

Other causes of bowel movements that have not come out during the day, there may be a blockage in the baby's digestive organs, or another possibility is due to a disturbance in the organs around the anus that causes the child can not expel bowel movements for a day. To find out more about the possible causes and treatment, it is better to do a direct examination with a pediatrician or pediatric surgery specialist.

Things you can do for your baby at home so you can have a bowel movement:

- Increase the frequency of breastfeeding (breastfeeding) to infants

-Improve the quality and quantity of breast milk that you have by consuming vegetables such as katu, soy milk and others

- Introduce your baby how to breastfeed and attach a good attachment between your nipples to the baby's mouth

- pay more attention to the baby, learn to assess when the baby looks hungry and wants milk.

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