Frequency Of Reading Other People’s Characters?

Illustration of Frequency Of Reading Other People’s Characters?
Illustration: Frequency Of Reading Other People’s Characters?

Hello doctor, I am a teenager aged 20 years, since 7 years ago I studied human psychology, and at my age now, I am adept at reading human behavior, even to the point of getting another human background in a matter of minutes, my knowledge is deduction, Well, the thing is, when I read someone, I always tell them bluntly about their bad personalities, I always go crazy for exposing their bad qualities and secrets, the goal is that they submit to me, because I’m afraid if I’m ostracized society, I am afraid that if I become “unaddressed” and ignored by the community, but, because of my bad habits, I am even more distant, when I have no ability other than reading humans, so I did that, until it has become a habit until now for every person who tries to interact with me … what should I do

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Hello. Thank you for the question submitted to We can understand the concern you feel.

Considering your current age of 20 years, do you mean that "learning human psychology" is a formal / informal academic learning process at an accredited institution? Is "reading a human background in minutes" also a competency that is taught and can be scientifically justified?

Your complaint can be caused by several possibilities that need to be evaluated directly by a professional, in this case the doctor. In the world of mental health, there is the term delusions, namely beliefs that are not in accordance with reality but are maintained and cannot be changed logically. The doctor will evaluate whether the narrative you convey is a form of this symptom or not. Delusions are usually symptoms that can be found in a number of psychiatric disorders, for example:

Paranoid schizophrenia (a collection of chronic psychotic symptoms characterized by disturbances in thought content, thought processes [ideas that move and are unrelated, formation of new words, etc.], perceptions [hallucinations of sounds / visions / smells, illusions, feeling the environment is changing, feeling himself changing], and / or emotions [an atmosphere of feeling flat, dull, or mismatch])
Episodes of severe depression with psychotic symptoms (moods of sadness, loss of interest and excitement, fatigue, reduced activity, impaired concentration of attention, decreased self-confidence, guilt, ideas of self-injury or suicide, accompanied by delusions and / or hallucinations)
Schizoaffective (meets diagnostic criteria for major depressive episodes or manic episodes and coincides with diagnostic criteria for schizophrenia)

Nevertheless, of course, the diagnosis of a psychiatric problem requires a doctor's examination first. To help overcome this problem, we strongly recommend that you consult directly with your doctor or psychiatric specialist. Later the doctor will ask for a history of complaints that you feel as well as related biopsychosocial factors, physical examination, and supporting examinations if needed. By carrying out the evaluation process, the right assessment can be carried out and given the appropriate handling.

The doctor can provide supportive psychotherapy which can be combined with medication if needed. Supportive psychotherapy will help patients to be able to manage stress, identify symptoms, and control themselves when complaints arise so that patients are expected to be able to perform optimally. Medications that may be given also play a role in helping to overcome the disease.

You are also advised to be able to talk and share this complaint to the people closest to you who believe and believe you can support therapy because support from the closest people will support the success of therapy. Also do activities that you enjoy doing so you can channel your feelings through positive things. Stay motivated because there is still hope to overcome this problem.

Information from us. Hopefully always healthy. May be useful.

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