Frequent Abdominal Pain And Flecks Accompanied By Blood Clots During Pregnancy?

Illustration of Frequent Abdominal Pain And Flecks Accompanied By Blood Clots During Pregnancy?
Illustration: Frequent Abdominal Pain And Flecks Accompanied By Blood Clots During Pregnancy?

I am 31 years old and I am pregnant with my third child. Initially I often had stomach aches like someone came out of my missV and had difficulty defecating. I was 14 May in the ultrasound because I was afraid there was something in my vagina and I did a test peck but it turned out that the day was clean and negative when I was pregnant. Because I still have stomach pain but I don’t have my period. On May 21, I tested again because there were some remaining test equipment and the results were positive. I’m confused the distance from May 14 to May 21 only 1 week and you know you’re pregnant. On the 23rd of May evening, I used to make sure that I was not pregnant. It turned out to be yes and a new pregnancy bag was formed. However, on 24 mlm I had a stomachache until 25 am I could only sleep because I was fasting 25 mlm after opening, how come my stomach was still in pain when I wanted to pee, I looked at my pants like a first menstruation accompanied by small blood clots. I panicked because my pregnancy wasn’t like this. How come the spots come out … and the abdominal fatigue is reduced. I started to panic and looked for an obstetrician who was open on the internet because of Saturday’s position and I had also done it. Finally, we can get ultrasound. The bag is still but not suitable for my pregnancy. 1 week should be different, but the bag is only 4 weeks old. Indeed, I also forgot my HPL. I was given an obstetrical prescription medicine, vitamins. N a week again, if the check doesn’t develop, we have to throw it out mom I want to ask whether the spots that I feel are harmful to my fetus? And do I have a bed rest to maintain my fetus because so far there is no problem moving here and there? Are cramps or pain and spots can be reduced huh. Thank you

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Hello Anisa, thank you for asking

Spots or blood stains out at the beginning of pregnancy (young pregnancy) can indicate a normal thing, but otherwise these signs can also indicate a problem in the womb. If the pain comes out of blood spots accompanied by abdominal pain can be a sign of a threat of miscarriage (abortion iminens) or miscarriage (abortion).

The threat of miscarriage or abortion is a condition where the pregnancy is threatened to stop because one thing is usually a miscarriage has not occurred and at that time janis is still alive so that if handled properly and quickly by a doctor can prevent miscarriage. Symptoms that can occur include bleeding in the form of spots and abdominal pain. So because this condition is a condition that threatens pregnancy, of course also threatens the safety of the fetus.

Therefore, if there is a threat of misbehavior the doctor will advise you to have a total rest (bed rest) as you said. In addition, doctors will also provide drugs that aim to strengthen the womb so that the threat of abortion does not continue to occur so that the pregnancy can be maintained. To further ask the obstetrician clearly, how long you need to rest in total in bed and what things you should avoid.

The condition of pregnancy every time you get pregnant can indeed be different, this means that if your pregnancy was previously in good condition, it does not rule out the possibility of a subsequent pregnancy found a problem. This condition is indeed difficult to prevent. But you should follow the advice of your obstetrician and obstetrician for the health of your gynecologist.

If this imminent abortion continues to be abortion or miscarriage, the doctor will carry out further examinations and determine the next step that is right for you.

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