Frequent Back Pain And Headaches And Sense Of Smell Are Reduced?

Good night, r nSo I often have back pain until it is difficult to move and have severe headaches, especially if I stand up for a long time immediately get fireflies. day. What do you think it hurts? R nThank you🙏🏻

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Pain in the back of the back can be caused by a variety of causes, including:

Previous history of strenuous physical activity

Incorrect posture when doing activities

Overweight / obesity

Spinal abnormalities: spinal disc herniation, spinal stenosis, spondylitis / infection of the spine, fibromialgia, osteoporosis, inflammation of the vertebrae, abnormal spinal shape (scoliosis) etc.

Disorders of the back muscles / myalgia

Disorders of the nerves around the spine such as schiatic pain

Disorders of the kidney such as infections or kidney stones also often cause pain in the back

Low back pain or back pain often causes discomfort such as aches and pains that are felt in the lower back, precisely in the lumbar area of ​​the body. Back pain is often felt by the community at large. Various factors can affect the occurrence of low back pain. Most ordinary back pain can heal on its own by resting and changing habits / lifestyle for the better. Back back pain often causes sufferers to experience a decrease in quality of life, because low back pain causes difficulty in carrying out daily activities.

While your headache complaints can be caused by several of the following causes:

Migraine: throbbing headache. Can be affected by stress, fatigue, food, and hormonal conditions in women

Tension type headache: ordinary headache, like being bound but the intensity is not too severe

Cluster type headache: quite severe headache, can be accompanied by red eyes.
Anemia: decreased blood hemoglobin levels can cause headaches. Women are prone to anemia, especially for those who are still menstruating every month.

Headache can also occur when the brain lacks oxygen and sugar (a condition of hypoglycemia). Both of these molecules are very important for brain performance. So it is not uncommon if someone who is standing for a long time can cause discomfort such as headaches, dizziness, sensation of nausea and vomiting, dizzy eyes, cold sweat and loss of consciousness.
Related to the reduced sense of smell, it needs to be evaluated again and more complete information so that the cause can be known. Is it due to nerve function in the nose that has decreased function or the presence of other underlying diseases such as allergic rhinitis, sinus infections etc., so that it has an impact on decreased sense of smell activity.

To help reduce your back pain and headache complaints, resting at home and taking pain medications such as paracetamol or ibuprofen are strongly recommended. Besides that, avoid strenuous activities, psychological stress, maintain ideal body weight and apply correct posture when sitting / doing activities so that back pain can subside. It is highly recommended to conduct an examination directly to your nearest doctor in order to get the right treatment. So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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