Frequent Bowel Movements And Weight Loss?

Illustration of Frequent Bowel Movements And Weight Loss?
Illustration: Frequent Bowel Movements And Weight Loss?

I was 9 months old when I was exposed to megacolon and at that time my intestine was cut 35 cm, starting from there I often had stomach aches and diarrhea until now I was 17 years old, if I eat something that is too spicy and sour, sometimes if I eat after eating I will definitely go straight and my weight is decreasing and getting thinner. Is that normal? Then, can the megacolon come back again? R n r nThank you,

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Megacolon is a general term used to describe enlargement of the large intestine. Megacolon can be caused due to many possibilities, it can be obtained from birth, can also be obtained as adults. Megacolon in babies is most often caused by Hirschprung's disease. This disease is caused by a part of the large intestine that has no innervation so it cannot move properly. This section will be difficult for feces to pass, so that the stool will collect in the intestine behind it and the intestine behind it will enlarge to form a megacolon.

Post surgery for Hirschprung's disease, patients can experience long-term complications in the form of defecation problems. Defecation disorders can be in the form of constipation or frequent bowel movements, difficulty holding bowel movements, and intestinal inflammation. If the operation requires a long section of the intestine to be taken, there can also be impaired absorption of nutrients so that growth problems can occur in children, which is very likely to continue into adulthood (becoming thin and difficult to be fat as adults). Post-surgery also usually requires modification of the food consumed. If you experience digestive problems when eating spicy or eating acidic foods, then you should avoid these foods. We recommend that you consult directly with a nutritionist doctor for further nutritional analysis according to your case.

Megacolon due to Hirschprung's disease itself will not recur, but just like other people, you still have the possibility of experiencing megacolon due to other diseases. Some of the other causes of megacolon include:

side effects of using certain drugs such as anticholinergics, anti-diarrhea, opiates, antipsychotics, etc.
pseudomembranous colitis (inflammation of the bowel due to Clostridium difficile infection)
inflammatory bowel disease

intestinal infections

Post-operative Hirschprung sufferers are advised to continue to carry out routine control to the surgeon to carry out regular checks on complications that can arise after surgery. You can further consult your surgeon if you experience certain discomfort in your gastrointestinal tract.

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