Frequent Colds And Dizziness When You Wake Up?

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Doctor,rnMy name is Adelia, 25 years old.rnI want to ask, almost every morning when I wake up, I have a headache and a cold. However, after outdoor activities, the runny nose and dizziness disappeared by itself.rnrnI had a history of sinusitis at the age of 16/17 years and had suctioned the left cavity, and had steam therapy as well.rnWas it? it has something to do with sinusitis that I have experienced? But I feel the cold symptoms are different from before. In the past (before it was aspirated), the cold was excessive and always leaked fluid constantly. Meanwhile, now, the discharge from the nose is not that bad (just like a common cold) but is accompanied by dizziness.rnrnWhen I have a cold and have a headache in the morning, I usually boil water and inhale the steam to relieve nasal cavities. Sometimes I put both cheeks on a warm bottle. I did this because it speeded up the recovery from colds and dizziness.rnrnDoes the doctor think that this method is okay? Or are there other effective ways to reduce colds and headaches in the morning? And how is the doctor’s diagnosis related to colds and dizziness when you wake up in the morning?rnrnThank you for conveying.

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Hi Adelia, thanks for asking at Rhinitis is a condition where there is irritation and inflammation of the membranes or lining inside the nose. Symptoms of rhinitis are what people experience with runny nose, runny nose, sneezing, and the sensation of fluid flowing behind the nasal cavity.

But rhinitis is caused by various things, based on the cause rhinitis is divided into 3:

Allergic Rhinitis. Namely rhinitis or cold symptoms caused by allergies. Generally, allergens or substances that cause allergies are anything that can be inhaled, such as animal dander, mold, dust, plant pollen, and others. Non-Allergic (Vasomotor) Rhinitis. There are several types in this subsection, namely idiopathic, hormonal, occupational, atrophic and rhinitis rhinitis caused by the consumption of certain drugs. Infectious Rhinitis. Rhinitis is generally caused by allergies although it can also be caused by viruses.

But of course, besides rhinitis there are other diseases that cause colds, such as:

Influenza Nasal polyp Sinusitis Viral infection Dry air Cigarette smoke In your case, if your condition only occurs in the morning, then it is most likely that your condition is caused by a disturbance in the nose that is triggered by temperature. This is because in the morning the ambient temperature tends to be low and a person has not done any activities so that his body temperature tends to be low. But as we said, there are so many possibilities. So the best way is to re-examine yourself to an ENT specialist, especially if you are already very disturbed by this condition.

Meanwhile, what you've been doing all this time by inhaling warm steam to relieve your breath is correct. Among other things you can do are:

Drink lots of fluids Frequently blow your nose Wash your nose with salt water Drink hot drinks Sleep with an extra pillow

For a more in-depth explanation of the methods above, visit our article by clicking on the following link for Tips to Relieve Congestion and Eliminate Congestion. I hope you and your family are always healthy.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D Basfiansa

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