Frequent Contractions At 37 Weeks Gestation?

Illustration of Frequent Contractions At 37 Weeks Gestation?
Illustration: Frequent Contractions At 37 Weeks Gestation?

Morning, I want to ask my age is 37-39 weeks, the HPI is August 19, 2019. At present I often experience contractions, is that a sign that labor is imminent? Thank you

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Hello Ozass,

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Contractions during 3rd trimester of pregnancy can be divided into 2, namely:

False contractions, characterized by mild intensity, short duration, rare frequency, stop on their own without special treatment, and do not appear accompanied by other labor symptoms
Labor contractions (Braxton hicks), characterized by the intensity that is getting more intense, the longer the duration is getting longer, the frequency is getting more frequent, and followed by other signs of labor, such as:
Amniotic fluid comes out
Blood mucus comes out
Cervical opening

For ordinary people, it may be difficult to distinguish between these two types of contractions. However, if you understand well our explanation above, of course in general you can distinguish. If it is difficult, it does not hurt you to see yourself directly to a doctor or obstetrician.

The higher your gestational age, generally the more frequent fake contractions appear, and the closer your delivery schedule will be. However, as long as there are no signs of labor contractions as mentioned above, you should not panic. Compress the sides of your lower abdomen to your back with warm water, rest more, wear comfortable clothes, manage your breath well, and diligently follow pregnancy exercises so that your labor will run more easily and smoothly. Ask your partner for help to remind you to eat and drink enough, get enough sleep (especially tilted to the left), prepare supplies for labor later (such as mother's clothes, baby clothes, food, snacks, drinks), and be prepared to deliver You go to the nearest health facility when labor appears. Avoid indiscriminate taking drugs or ingredients to stimulate labor without doctor's advice, and also avoid pushing before being declared safe by the doctor.

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