Frequent Crying At Night, Insomnia And Often Angry?

Illustration of Frequent Crying At Night, Insomnia And Often Angry?
Illustration: Frequent Crying At Night, Insomnia And Often Angry?

I have been crying for almost 6 months, especially at night before going to sleep, and insomnia, I also often get angry “to the people who are close to me, my main factors such as because people who are close to me (cwo). We are close already 3 years and there things that make me disappointed until I remember it all the time, and the last 2 weeks I was increasingly dropping no appetite, more difficulty sleeping, the intensity of crying also did not know the conditions either day and night, sleep not calm heart with unclear thoughts, and I could not I am aware, but I have tried a variety of ways even more like a trauma I don’t know what makes me remember the past that place, or people who say their name, I immediately change the mood until my head sometimes hurts not concentrating mainly. Is there a solution? So that I can escape from this anxiety, panic and trauma?

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Hello Singgih, Thank you for the question.

Unpleasant / traumatic events in the past can indeed cause certain psychological stress. In some people, this psychological stress can persist and disrupt daily activities and has the potential to cause certain mental health disorders. This psychological stress can affect a person's mood such as sadness, irritability, disappointment, despair, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and others. Some of the causes of your symptoms are depression, adjustment problems, and anxiety disorders.

If these symptoms have been going on for a long time and already interfere with your daily activities, the best step is to consult with a mental specialist / psychiatrist further. The doctor needs to do further questions and answers to understand your symptoms before determining the appropriate treatment for you such as psychological therapy or medication.
Meanwhile, try to occupy yourself with positive activities such as social activities or regular exercise. Try to tell stories to the people closest to you. Please try to stay well rested and consume nutritious food. Following meditation or yoga might help you.

I hope this helps.

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