Frequent Dizziness And Loss Of Balance Whether Vertigo?

Illustration of Frequent Dizziness And Loss Of Balance Whether Vertigo?
Illustration: Frequent Dizziness And Loss Of Balance Whether Vertigo?

. I am still curious about my wife’s illness, which was initially suffered by regular medical treatment. But the doctor said my wife had vertigo. Symptoms are often dizzy, lost balance (to stand / walk always tilted to the right) blank eye view, when spoken to like inconsequential. After getting treatment my wife’s condition worsened until she could not get up at all and was finally rushed to the hospital, at the hospital I was unable to do anything to urinate and eat using a hose. Only a few days in the hospital my wife passed away.

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Hi Alfi,

Thank you for the question.

Previously, we say sorry for the loss you experienced. May your deceased wife get the best place in the sight of God, and may you also be given patience as well as sincerity.

Dizziness spinning until it loses balance can indeed indicate vertigo. Vertigo itself occurs because of disruption in the center of balance, can be in the brain, or the inner ear. There are many causes of vertigo, for example BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo), Meniere's disease, labirintitis, acoustic neuroma, tumor or head injury, stroke, and so on. Some of the causes of vertigo above can be mild, but some can also be deadly (for example if it is associated with a malignant tumor, head injury, or stroke).

However, you need to know, that in addition to vertigo, dizziness and loss of balance accompanied by an empty eye view, talk inconsequential, to various hindrances as your wife has previously experienced may also indicate other conditions, for example meningitis, encephalitis, intracranial hemorrhage, epilepsy, disorders mental disorders, metabolic disorders, and so on. Clinically, these various conditions can cause almost similar complaints, even though the causes and treatment are clearly different. To distinguish vertigo with these various conditions, it is not uncommon for doctors to perform a variety of examinations, not just physical examinations, but also laboratory tests, x-rays, electronistagmography, CT scans, MRI, lumbar puncture, and so on.

Without checking the condition of your wife beforehand, of course it is not our authority to explain in detail the possibility of the conditions that she experienced until she died. Our advice, if there is a lump in your wife's mind, including related to the cause of death, do not hesitate to ask it directly to the doctor who treats it ..

I hope this helps.

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