Frequent Dizziness, Hair Loss, Sore Neck?

Illustration of Frequent Dizziness, Hair Loss, Sore Neck?
Illustration: Frequent Dizziness, Hair Loss, Sore Neck?

Hello, my friend often gets really dizzy, he says, until he cries and if he blows his nose sometimes brown or bleeds and he says his sinuses and after his sinuses are healed, the dizziness doesn’t go away and if he hits the light he gets really dizzy and his hair falls out badly until some of them are bald, just checking The blood was said to be lymph nodes, but when he checked the blood twice at a different doctor, he said the symptoms of bone cancer, the question why did the blood check be different? And please help with what kind of treatment so that he is cured because now his dizziness is getting worse, he has a stiff neck, and can’t look to the left. Thank you

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Dizziness can be caused due to various causes. From the situation your friend is experiencing, the headache is accompanied by a brown sinus, one of which may be caused by sinusitis. sinusitis can cause pain in the head, and pain in the cheeks. Sinusitis can also be accompanied by persistent cold symptoms, and is accompanied by a smelly smell. If sinusitis has been occurring for a long time, it can damage the structure of the sinus cavity and surrounding bones, which can cause prolonged headaches.

Different examinations are a natural thing to happen. What checks did your friend do? Maybe your friend did a different type of blood test, because there are so many blood tests that the term blood test is not very specific. In addition, certain blood tests may change over time.

If your friend is diagnosed with bone cancer, then help or therapy depends on the type of bone cancer, the severity of the cancer, and whether or not metastasis has occurred. Usually the doctor will perform additional examinations such as ct scan / mri examination, and biopsy to carry out further examinations so that the exact type of cancer can be determined.

So that your friend's treatment is very individual, yes, depending on the factors mentioned above. It is not recommended to consume any drugs. Perform routine control to an oncologist, or an orthopedic specialist.

do a healthy lifestyle, such as consumption of nutritious foods. drink enough water and consume enough fruits and vegetables. get enough rest. do not smoke (avoid exposure to smoke).

Here's an article that you can read about bone cancer

may be useful. thank you

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