Frequent Fainting, Hair Loss And Easy Bruising?

Illustration of Frequent Fainting, Hair Loss And Easy Bruising?
Illustration: Frequent Fainting, Hair Loss And Easy Bruising?

Since I was a child, I often took steps, when I was at school I often fainted during ceremonies or I was exposed to the sun for too long .. Then when I started high school my hair started to fall out. Digestive problems arise, if you eat too spicy you can easily get diarrhea until you pass out in a matter of minutes ..

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Thank you for asking I am dr. Princess Claudya will help answer your questions.

Fainting is generally caused by decreased blood flow to the brain. However, fainting can also be caused by diseases that occur in the brain and disturb the center of consciousness.

The conditions that cause fainting are:

Dehydration, for example when fasting or lack of fluid intake
Heat stroke, which is a condition where the body temperature increases due to exposure to environmental heat or activities that increase body temperature such as exercise. Fainting is one of the symptoms that can be experienced
Lack of blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia): this can also occur in people with diabetes who take sugar drugs in excess doses
Heart / blood circulation disorders, for example in cases of shock or heart attack
Bleeding stroke
Brain tumor
Seizures, for example in epilepsy or brain infection

As for your other complaints, namely hair loss can be caused by the following:

Telogen effluvium, namely hair loss due to certain conditions in the body such as the effects of drugs (eg chemotherapy), stress, post-pregnancy hormonal conditions, certain diseases, drastic weight loss.
Alopecia areata: hair loss that can occur anywhere in the hair, caused by the body's immune system attacking the hair follicles
Androgenic alopecia: occurs predominantly in men, hair loss usually starts on the front of the head, and is an inherited condition.
Autoimmune diseases, such as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

Another complaint, namely bruising that often appears on the body, can be caused by fragility of the blood vessels (purpura simplex) which often occurs in women. This can be triggered by stress, physical fatigue, age factors, hormonal influences on the body, lack of vitamin K intake

However, some of the other causes of bruising from the disease are:

Rupture of blood vessels due to impact.
Blood clotting disorders, for example: dengue fever, Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), hemophilia, DIC, etc.
Blood malignancies, such as leukemia.
Aplastic anemia

We recommend that you see a doctor in internal medicine to be directly examined the cause of the symptoms you are experiencing. If necessary, the doctor will carry out supporting examinations such as blood tests, blood sugar, electrolytes, etc. to determine the exact cause. And after that you will be given treatment according to the underlying cause.

Things you can do to improve and prevent worsening of your disease are:

Drink enough water, about 2 liters / day
Consume nutritious food regularly and sufficiently according to your nutritional and calorie adequacy numbers.
Avoid excessive diets
Get enough rest, sleep 7-8 hours per day
Wear a hat and closed clothes when in the hot sun to avoid direct exposure to your body heat
Exercise at least 3 times a week to support good blood circulation
Always try to have people close to you so they can immediately help you when you pass out

Fainting that is often repeated, often accompanied by chest pain, weakness in the limbs, accompanied by a high fever are signs of emergency. If there is this, you must immediately consult a doctor or the nearest emergency room for immediate treatment.

That is the explanation from me. May be useful. Get well soon for you :)


dr. Princess Claudya

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