Frequent Hallucinations, Panic And No Appetite?

Illustration of Frequent Hallucinations, Panic And No Appetite?
Illustration: Frequent Hallucinations, Panic And No Appetite?

Hello, I am a 23 year old woman, I want to ask, lately I often experience hallucinations from seeing people going in and out of the workplace until I reflex to say hello but no one enters or exits, sees a falling object and I also immediately catch it even though the object does not fall, often see moving objects even though they do not move, always feel panic, freaking out, dizzy nausea, no appetite, ears buzzing, please answer, thank you

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Hello Giani, thank you for asking at

Your complaint can be caused by several possible conditions such as:

Depression with symptoms of psychosis

Bipolar with symptoms of psychosis
Panic Disorder
Psychosomatic disorders

To determine whether there are certain disorders on your psychiatric side, it is highly recommended to consult further with a psychiatric specialist (psychiatrist) for an evaluation of your current psychiatric status. After being evaluated, then it can be determined whether there is a disorder or not and if there is, what disorders are suffered and how further therapy is recommended to be done.

For now, try to see if there are certain things / conditions that trigger your complaints. If there is, try to avoid these triggers wherever possible. If your hallucinations / illusions arise, try not to respond and try to remind yourself that they are not real.

Although complaints are felt to be very disturbing, you are not encouraged to take any medicine without clear doctor's advice. It is also recommended to try to minimize the occurrence of stress by doing things that you like or other things that are more positive such as exercise.

I hope this helps.

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