Frequent Headaches Accompanied By Nausea And Difficulty Sleeping At Night?

Illustration of Frequent Headaches Accompanied By Nausea And Difficulty Sleeping At Night?
Illustration: Frequent Headaches Accompanied By Nausea And Difficulty Sleeping At Night?

Hello … I want to ask since 5 months I have had a very severe headache, then I always have tension in the back of my neck, I also have nausea every time my head appears, then if I have a hard time sleeping at night, I can sleep normally, bro at 2 pm bru wake up at 6, in this year also my weight dropped dramatically, even lazy to eat very much, until friends and my parents ask me, why I look very pale and very skinny is not usually ..! r nWhat do I do about it ?? r nThank you

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Hello Rindya, thank you for your question

Some of the complaints you share may be related to one another, or may be a symptom of some standalone disease. And to ascertain the cause of all these complaints, doctors need to do a physical examination directly.

But from your explanation, I can describe some of these complaints as follows:

headaches, there are various types. And in general, it can be caused by a lack of blood sugar levels, muscle tension, lack of rest, consumption of certain drugs, psychological stress, drinking too much alcohol, and a disturbance in the nervous system.
Difficulty sleeping at night or insomnia can be caused by excessive sleeping hours in the morning or during the day, anxiety disorders, discomfort in the bedroom, to the influence of consuming certain drugs.
Center and weight loss may be related to one another. When you lose weight, it means that you consume food / drinks that are less than your daily needs, or you do excessive physical activity without being balanced with adequate nutritional intake. This makes you probably deficient in iron so you develop anemia or lack of blood and make you look pale. However, anemia can also be caused by other conditions such as blood loss in conditions of prolonged menstruation, and intestinal worms, it can also be caused by a disturbance in the formation of red blood cells.

Considering that there are many possible causes for your complaint, it is highly recommended that you see a doctor directly. The doctor will conduct in-depth interviews, direct examinations and supporting examinations if necessary.

What you should do at home include:

enough rest
regular exercise
take the time for yourself to have healthy associations and do activities or hobbies that you enjoy
consumption of a nutritionally balanced diet
try not to miss the main meal schedule

that's all I can answer, hopefully it's useful

best regards, Dr. Laras

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