Frequent Headaches In People With Cavities?

Illustration of Frequent Headaches In People With Cavities?
Illustration: Frequent Headaches In People With Cavities?

, I want to ask. I just pulled out my lower back molar 2 days ago due to impaction. and right in front of the tooth that was just extracted my tooth was also hollow. and I often have headaches and also my left eye. Are migraines and eye pain (eyes feel tired and heavy) due to these cavities? And for cavities, the solution can only be filled or must it be removed? thanks.

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Hello, Estheria, thanks for asking

One-sided headache can be caused by several possibilities, namely migraine which is characterized by one-sided and throbbing headache, cluster headache which is characterized by one-sided headache with very painful and recurring quality accompanied by tears and snot on the painful side, dental problems, problems eye, or other problems such as a lump on the head. To find out the cause, an interview and direct examination by a doctor is needed covering the organs that roughly play a role in this one-sided headache. Treatment also depends on the cause. If the cause is due to the teeth, the problem will be fixed, if the cause is eye problems then the eyes will be treated. In migraine and cluster headaches because both diseases are primary headaches (no known cause), the treatment is with pain relief and lifestyle modification.

Cavities are very likely to cause headaches, especially if there is irritation to the nerves in the gums. The therapy for cavities depends on the severity. If the hole is still very small, filling can be done, but if the damage is very severe, a tooth extraction can be performed. Check with your dentist to find out the right therapy for your current dental condition.

What can be done to relieve symptoms is:

1. Check your teeth to the dentist

2. Take paracetamol or ibuprofen for pain relief. If that doesn't work, ask your doctor for a prescription for stronger painkillers

3. Give warm compresses to the sore

4. Get enough rest and sleep

5. Immediately see a doctor if the headache does not get better with an over-the-counter painter, if there is decreased vision, nausea / vomiting, fainting

6. Control your stress by meditating / worshiping, recreation, and doing activities that you enjoy

7. Keep your teeth healthy and prevent cavities. Temporarily reduce foods that are too sweet and too cold.

That's all, I hope it's useful ...

Greetings, dr. Sarah Rizqia.

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