Frequent Seizures But Good CT Scan Results.?

Illustration of Frequent Seizures But Good CT Scan Results.?
Illustration: Frequent Seizures But Good CT Scan Results.?

. My sister often has seizures, we have checked with Dr., and we were told by City Check that the results are all good, but spasms are still occurring frequently. Please explain.

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Hello Armin Adi, thank you for the question on

Seizure is a reaction of the body in the form of contraction of the muscles of the body due to interference with electrical signals in the brain. Seizure itself is only a symptom of various possible diseases that can cause it such as epilepsy, electrolyte disorders, stroke, inflammation of the brain, poisoning of certain substances (can be due to poisons consumed from outside or due to accumulation of toxic substances produced by the body), brain tumors , and others.

Because there are quite a number of possible causes, additional tests are needed to determine whether the main cause of the seizure is occurring, one of which is a head CT scan that your doctor has recommended. However, not all causes of seizures can be found only from the results of CT scans, these diseases may only be discovered from other investigations such as blood tests, brain wave record (EEG), MRI, and several other examinations.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you re-check your sister with a neurologist for a re-evaluation based on the condition and also the results of the CT scan that has been done. The doctor may ask your sister to do one or more additional seizure tests to better confirm what your brother's disease diagnosis is and also to determine how to treat it further.

For the time being, keep on taking the medicines that have been given by your doctor to control the seizures that may appear to your sister. If a seizure occurs, make sure not to panic, loosen the clothes used by your brother, especially on the neck, do not put anything into your brother's mouth, and immediately take him to the nearest hospital emergency room.

I hope this helps.

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