Frequent Seizures When You Wake Up And Like People Are Confused?

Illustration of Frequent Seizures When You Wake Up And Like People Are Confused?
Illustration: Frequent Seizures When You Wake Up And Like People Are Confused?

I want to ask, I often get seizures and it always happens when I go to sleep and after that it is foggy and not fully conscious and walks around 3 km sometimes with headaches and sometimes no headaches, why is that?

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Need to clarify beforehand, what kind of seizure do you mean? How long have you experienced complaints like this?

The definition of seizures expressed by ordinary people often differs from actual seizures. In the medical realm, seizures are defined as interruption of electrical activity in the brain that appears suddenly, uncontrolled, which causes changes in behavior, body movements, feelings, and also accompanied by a decrease in consciousness. This condition can be characterized by the following symptoms:

Focal seizures, appearing on certain parts of the body (for example hands, mouth, feet), can be accompanied by a decrease in consciousness or not General seizures, appear on all parts of the body, including into several types, namely: Absence seizures; marked by a gaze fixed on one of the objects that are not clear, or accompanied by minimal movements, such as blinking eyes, snapping a tonic Keang mouth; characterized by muscle stiffness, often appearing in the hands, back, legs atonic spasms; characterized by muscle weakness, which makes sufferers experience weakness and fall in clonic seizures; characterized by twitching muscle movements, contractions and relaxation very quickly, usually occurs in the neck, face, and hands area of ​​myoclonic spasms; characterized by muscle twitches or momentary muscle contractions in the hands or feet Clonic tonic convulsions; combination of tonic and clonic seizures If the seizures that you experience often recur, accompanied by post-seizure sequelae, such as confusion and headaches, you are most likely to have epilepsy. Conditions can arise from genetic influences, a history of head injury, damage to the brain (for example caused by a stroke or tumor), infection (such as meningitis or encephalitis), developmental disorders (such as autism or neurofibromatosis), to prenatal injuries (for example due to maternal infection when pregnant, lack of nutrition or oxygen during pregnancy), and so on.

Also do not rule out seizures, and your other complaints are triggered by other causes, such as lack of sleep, hyponatremia, side effects of drugs, head injuries, strokes, brain tumors, drug consumption (such as amphetamines, cocaine), alcohol intoxication, and so on.

Determine which conditions that trigger your complaints you can do by going directly to a doctor or neurologist. At the doctor, you can also undergo a series of additional tests, for example X-rays, laboratory tests, CT scans, MRI, brain records (EEG), and so on in an effort to determine the appropriate treatment. For now, take the following steps:

Sleep adequately and regularly Get to know, anything that often triggers your seizures, and as much as possible avoid these triggers. Live a healthy lifestyle, i.e. by managing stress well, not consuming alcohol, not smoking. Be active in activities, exercise diligently Drinking adequate and eat nutritious foods Avoid risky activities alone, for example driving a vehicle, swimming, traveling far away Not carelessly consuming drugs Hopefully it helps yes ..

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