Frequent Self-talk And Suicidal Thoughts?

Illustration of Frequent Self-talk And Suicidal Thoughts?
Illustration: Frequent Self-talk And Suicidal Thoughts?, I want to ask about mental illness that I experienced, so from a young age I had high imagination so that I often talk to myself until now I am 19 years old, my parents also always pressured me to achieve something as desired and that is what makes me depressed, my parents also never respect me when I have achieved what he wants, I also often lonely, my mood when I am very sad I want it to commit suicide (several times I have wanted to kill myself) and feelings I’m sad and sad it lasts for weeks until it feels like my head is very dizzy, so what is my mental illness?

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Hello Sutansyah Maulana Thank you for asking with We are also sorry for the problem you are having.

Some of the causes that you might experience are:

Depressed mood disorder
Bipolar disorder
Schizoaffective disorder
General anxiety disorder
Personality Disorders
Drug side effects

Generally to determine whether there is a mental disorder or mental disorder the doctor must require additional information about your complaints, such as whether experiencing hallucinations, delusions or delusions, whether interfere with the ability to perform daily activities.

In addition, doctors also have to do a direct physical examination, or supporting examinations that are in accordance with your complaint, you should immediately consult a psychiatrist to help your recovery, especially because you already have ideas for suicide. Your doctor will probably do psychotherapy, try to explore the causes of your complaint and will also provide medicines to help deal with the complaints you feel.

Some things you can do for the time being among others:

Try to share how you feel with friends, friends, or your closest family
Regular and regular exercise can improve your mood condition
Eat healthy and nutritionally balanced foods
Avoid a good night's sleep and have a good sleep pattern
Stop negative thoughts, try to think positively and be grateful
Meditate, get closer to God and routinely worship
Avoid consumption of alcohol, smoking, or illegal substances

Hopefully this information can be useful. thank you

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