Frequent Shortness Of Breath, Sweaty Palms And Feet And Small Right Foot Size?

Illustration of Frequent Shortness Of Breath, Sweaty Palms And Feet And Small Right Foot Size?
Illustration: Frequent Shortness Of Breath, Sweaty Palms And Feet And Small Right Foot Size?

Hello. R nI am turning 22 years old. 172cm high, 80kg bb. There are some complaints that I want to ask r n1. I often have shortness of breath when I wake up or even light work. R n2. Palm u0026amp; my feet are sweating r n3. My right leg is smaller than my left, although it’s not very obvious u0026amp; also like there is a feeling of discomfort in the right leg. Like tickling. The right leg also seems weaker than the left. R n r nI can be considered an active smoker, but sometimes I am more active in vaping. In the family of the deceased. Father also has a history of heart disease u0026amp; I rarely move / exercise apart from going to campus. But the consumption of water is sufficient every day u0026amp; food intake is also enough only more carbs u0026amp; meat. r n r nTrims 🙂

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Hi Azzam,

Thank you for asking

Shortness of breath, frequent sweating of the hands and feet, the right leg is smaller and weaker than the left

Shortness of breath causes a person to require additional breath effort, thus making the activity of breathing which should be automatic, a conscious activity. Causes of shortness of breath can come from disorders of:

Respiratory system, eg pneumothorax, bronchial asthma, pleural effusion, bronchitis
Cardiovascular system, eg cardiomyopathy, heart failure
Digestive system, eg gastritis, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease)
Others, for example panic attacks, psychosomatic disorders, kidney problems, ascites, spinal cord injuries, and so on

Many of the hands and feet are inhabited by sweat glands. Therefore, it is natural that your hands and feet sweat more when compared to other parts of the body. Sweat can appear more, for example when you have a lot of activity, are in a hot environment, have finished eating, or feel anxious, panic, and have excessive fear. It could also be that you sweat more due to viral or bacterial infections, cancer, hyperthyroidism, side effects of drugs, heart attacks, and so on.

Under normal conditions, the shape and size of the feet are not exactly the same between the right and the left. This is also influenced by the activities you do daily. If you do a lot of activity using your left foot, it is only natural that your left foot is bigger and stronger than your right leg. This occurs due to the hypertrophy of the muscles, which makes the legs bigger and stronger. However, it may also occur when your feet appear smaller, weaker, and feel tingling on one side due to:

Psychological disorders, such as body dysmorphic disorder

Paralysis, for example due to a pinched nerve, stroke, diabetes

Other leg swelling, for example due to infection, heart problems, kidney problems, infections, and so on

There are so many possibilities for your complaint to be based, it can be related, but it may not. Your habit of smoking and using e-cigarettes, rarely exercising, and your hereditary history with heart disease can make you more at risk of several diseases, such as heart problems, stroke, and so on. However, to diagnose all these possibilities, an examination by a doctor in person is necessary. Supporting examinations, such as laboratories, heart records, CT scans, MRI, and so on, may also be necessary for the establishment of a proper diagnosis. Therefore, check yourself directly to the doctor, ok?

In the meantime, you should first go through the steps below:

Pay more attention to what often triggers your shortness of breath, for example related to certain allergens or foods, then avoid these triggers
Calm your mind, don't stress or worry too much
Exercise regularly 3 times a week
Maintain ideal body weight
Give up smoking and also use e-cigarettes
Sleep more regularly
Eat a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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