Frequent Shortness Of Breath

Illustration of Frequent Shortness Of Breath
Illustration: Frequent Shortness Of Breath

Good evening, doc, I want to ask. I often experience shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and dizziness. Sometimes these symptoms come when I have a lot of thoughts, why do you explain please doc? Kmarin I just checked into the hospital because it was not strong with shortness of breath there in the X-ray X-ray I was white all what is the cause huh doc? Already checked the blood results 13,700 leukosid exceeds the reference. Now that I’m not hospitalized, does it need to be followed up about my treatment?

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Hello Bagas

I understand the concern that Bagas is experiencing, in general, everyone will experience an increase in heart rate to feel palpitations when they are anxious, worried, or frightened even though the person does not actually have heart disease. This happens because when in these conditions will trigger stress which ultimately makes the body produce hormones that trigger heart rate faster. In people who panic and fear of narrowing of the respiratory tract also occurs so that there is a sense of difficulty breathing.

Even so there are also conditions of palpitations and difficulty breathing due to conditions such as asthma, low blood pressure (hypotension), heart rhythm disorders (arrhythmias), heart failure, and hyperthyroidism for example.

The meaning of the presence of white images on lung X-rays is very broad, this depends on what part is affected? what does it look like? Because the white color that Bagas sees may be different in understanding from what health professionals see, as well as how the clinical symptoms and results of the physical examination of the patient. Likewise with blood tests that are leukocyte levels, although an increase in leukocytes is often associated with a bacterial infection but must be supported by other information to be able to ensure that indeed the patient is experiencing an infection or not.

Because the blood test and blood lab is a supplementary examination whose role is to help provide additional information, but the results of the investigations alone cannot be used as a basis for determining a patient's disease or diagnosis. But it must be considered together with other information.

The doctor who examined you must have considered all the information he got so he finally decided to keep Bagas outpatient at home, but even so Bagas would still get treatment right? Because not all diseases require treatment in a hospital. But if Bagas is still in doubt about his condition Bagas can just go to the doctor directly.

Some tips and suggestions for Bagas are, when you are experiencing problems, try not to get too absorbed in the problem, but cultivate positive thoughts and manage existing stress such as by doing breathing relaxation techniques, doing sports, yoga, or doing activities that are popular. And if Bagas has received medicine from a doctor, it is expected to consume it routinely according to the advice given.

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