Frequent Thoughts Of Suicide?

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rnrnmorning, why do I always think about turning up, right? Since 1st grade until now, 3rd grade always thinks round every time there is a problem from homeu003eu003c I am right” I feel down, at home I am always considered wrong, always It’s different, my heart often hurts, yesterday my parents said something that made me hurt even though maybe according to ordinary people, but I think it hurts. Please help me, what advice can you give me so that I don’t think about going round every problem at homeu003eu003c I always pray, but I still have that thought and I feel like I’m uselessu003eu003crnrnthank your nwassalam..

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Hello Aalliyah Choirul Afifah

Thank you for your question

Suicidal thoughts in the medical world, especially in the field of psychology, are a form of dangerous sign. Because usually this kind of thought is often manifested into a form of real action when a person is in an unstable mental condition. If a person experiences a strong sense of suicidal ideation, that person should receive psychiatric treatment. Suicide can be caused by social problems embedded in a person's personality that cannot be overcome, for example, often getting bad treatment from parents while at home, bullying from people around, love problems, and many other problems. In addition, this suicidal ideation can be related to mental health problems, for example:

Bipolar disorder, where there are very drastic changes in mood, from feeling very happy (mania) to suddenly being very sad (depressive). When feeling sad like this, people with bipolar disorder can have suicidal thoughts. Major depressive disorder (major depression), usually characterized by feelings of sadness, hopelessness, loss of interest that lasts more than 2 weeks. Negative thoughts like this are what trigger depression sufferers to commit suicide. Anorexia nervosa, where the sufferer will try to stay away from food as much as possible and always lie that they are not hungry or have eaten. Feeling failed to get the ideal weight (lose weight) will trigger sufferers of this disorder to have suicidal ideation. Personality disorders. Schizophrenia, where the sufferer will hallucinate, experience changes in behavior or believe in things that are not true and it is difficult to distinguish reality from things that are not real. Because it is difficult to distinguish reality, sufferers of this disorder often have suicidal ideation. Whatever conditions cause the emergence of suicidal thoughts that occur in you, all of them must still be evaluated by a psychiatrist and you must get help and treatment from the psychiatrist. Indeed, religion is the basic foundation for suppressing the suicidal ideation that happens to you. But if you still have suicidal thoughts, then you should get help from other people. Difficulty in expressing the condition you are experiencing is often the reason why someone becomes unable to bear all the burdens of his mind. Therefore, at least look for someone close and you can trust to be a friend to exchange ideas and a place to share your problems with.

Hope this answer helps you.

dr. Aldy Valentino

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