Frequent Urination And Urination Is Not Smooth At An Advanced Age?

Illustration of Frequent Urination And Urination Is Not Smooth At An Advanced Age?
Illustration: Frequent Urination And Urination Is Not Smooth At An Advanced Age?

Good afternoon the team, let me ask about the efficacy of “Purtier Placenta”. A little introduction, my father is 63 years old and has prostate problems with PSA 9.6 results. For the past 1 year he has been taking HARNAL OCAS medicine. For prostate problems, he was uncomfortable because he had to urinate intermittently, maybe 30-45 minutes. If detained, the discharge will be difficult and will not be smooth afterwards. Then, there are some people who advocate this Purtier Placenta, because there are some examples of cases from which the prostate’s in-law really have problems getting better. But on the other hand I hear a lot about the Purtier problem, it’s too MLM. Can it help be explained medically? Thank you for the help.

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Thank you for asking

Urinary disorders, namely frequent urination and urination is not smooth, in older men can indeed be caused by one of them by prostate enlargement. The several types of disorders of the prostate include prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and prostatitis. Increased PSA (prostate specific antigen) levels (more than 4 ng / ml often indicate prostate cancer. However, other prostate disorders as mentioned above can also trigger an increase in PSA levels. Therefore, doctors will usually carry out further examinations, for example biopsy, to be sure.

Handling of prostate enlargement can be done with a way that varies depending on the cause and severity. The medication your father has been taking (Harnal Ocas) contains the active composition of tamsulosin, which is an alpha blocker, which is useful in relaxing muscles around the prostate and in the bladder neck. Consumption of this drug is useful to relieve urinary disorders in patients with prostate disorders. In addition to the consumption of this drug, several other types of drugs, surgery, and other medical measures can also be done by doctors so that the patient's condition is treated properly.

Without consulting your doctor first, we recommend that you not carelessly give your father drugs or other products carelessly. The product that you mentioned, by the manufacturer is claimed to be composed of stem cells that are useful in improving the condition of damaged cells, including due to malignancy (prostate cancer is no exception). But unfortunately, so far, there is still very little accurate information available relating to the exact composition, way of working, benefits, and also the risk of side effects that may result from consumption of this product. Therefore, we are not authorized to recommend or absolutely prohibit its use in your father's case.

Our advice, you consult directly your father's condition, along with the best treatment that needs to be done, with a doctor or a specialist in urology surgery who treats him ..

I hope this helps.

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