Frequent Vaginal Discharge At 7 Months Gestation?

Illustration of Frequent Vaginal Discharge At 7 Months Gestation?
Illustration: Frequent Vaginal Discharge At 7 Months Gestation?

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Feeling like something is pressing or like something coming out of the vagina can be influenced by the position and location of the fetus, other than that it can be related to the presence of vaginal discharge so that when vaginal discharge comes out you feel something will come out of the vagina or because of fetal movements that are increasingly felt. However, if there is pain in the vagina, the condition can be caused by pressure on the vagina because the uterus is getting bigger, vaginal dryness, and vaginal infections.

As for vaginal discharge during pregnancy is one of the complaints that is quite often experienced. Leucorrhoea during pregnancy can be within normal limits but can also be caused due to disease. If vaginal discharge is clear, itchy, odorless, and painless in the vagina the condition may still be within normal limits. But if vaginal discharge smells, changes color, pain, and itching, it needs to be thought about the presence of infection in the vagina either bacterial, fungal, or parasitic infections.

If your vaginal discharge is abnormal vaginal discharge, you should check with your obstetrician so that you can ascertain the cause if necessary, vaginal fluid tests and blood tests can be done. Then you can be given more appropriate treatment by a doctor.

Some tips you can do:

Get enough rest Use abdominal support if necessary Avoid walking too far or lifting things too heavy so that the body is not tired Keep vaginal cleanliness Wash vagina from front to back with clean water Dry vagina before wearing underwear Use comfortable underwear Sleep without underwear if necessary Avoid stress Perform routine pregnancy control with your obstetrician once a month or according to the schedule provided Hopefully this can help you,

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