Frequent Vomiting After Eating?

Illustration of Frequent Vomiting After Eating?
Illustration: Frequent Vomiting After Eating?

, my mother is 51 years old. After dawn, suddenly at 9 am my mother felt dizzy as if spinning. Finally my mother decided not to fast and eat rice because there was no appetite and then drink simvastatin. A few minutes later he vomited. Every time you eat a heavy meal, it is spit out. Why do you think?

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Hello Riska, Thank you for the question.

Did you bring your mother to see a doctor? Complaints of dizziness is known as vertigo. Vertigo can be accompanied by complaints of nausea, vomiting, sweating, abnormal eyeball movements, tinnitus, hearing loss, limb weakness, difficulty speaking, double vision, decreased consciousness. Some causes of vertigo are:

benign paroxysmal position vertigo
Meniere's disease
Parkinson's disease
brain tumor
and others

If these symptoms still persist, you should immediately bring your mother to consult a doctor directly. To find out the cause, the doctor needs to ask more about these symptoms, examine your mother, and perform other tests such as blood tests, hearing tests, EEG, CT scan, MRI. From this examination, the doctor will find out the cause and can determine the next treatment for your mother.

In the meantime, please advise your mother to:

avoid sudden changes in the position of the head and body
keep trying to keep food intake in small portions but more often
enough water intake.
get enough rest
Hopefully this information is useful.

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