Frequently Holding Urine, Can Gonorrhea Occur?

Illustration of Frequently Holding Urine, Can Gonorrhea Occur?
Illustration: Frequently Holding Urine, Can Gonorrhea Occur? Bing

, want to ask. I am a man of 20 years, until now I have never had sex at all, but I feel pus coming out of my penis. And what I know, I often hold my urine, is this also the cause of the disease. I read the reference it was gonorrhea. Ask for an explanation. Thank you

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From the information you convey, gonorrhea often occurs in patients with a history of risky sex. So this condition is a sexually transmitted disease, and if you do not have any sexual intercourse, this condition should not be a sexually transmitted infection or gonorrhea. So this complaint needs to be confirmed directly by your doctor.

If a gonorrhea occurs outside of sexual intercourse, a urinary tract infection that is not treated properly and is not felt can cause an infection in the urethra, causing an infectious condition that causes pus, but this case can occur if urinary tract infection and inflammation of the urethra are not treated.

A sign of a gonorrhea infection is that when you press the tip of your penis, a cloudy fluid in the form of pus will come out, accompanied by complaints of pain when urinating, and complaints of low-grade fever can also accompany.

Another possibility of your complaint is that you notice a whitish spot on your underwear in the morning. In individuals who are not sexually active at risk or do not have sex, this condition may be fluid from the wadi or madhi that comes out at the time after urinating or after you experience sexual stimulation under certain conditions.

However, all of this you need to make sure with an examination by your family doctor or your dermatologist.

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