Fresh Red Urine And Dry Cough At 28 Weeks Gestation?

Illustration of Fresh Red Urine And Dry Cough At 28 Weeks Gestation?
Illustration: Fresh Red Urine And Dry Cough At 28 Weeks Gestation?

I am currently 28 weeks pregnant. At the age of 25 weeks of pregnancy I was diagnosed with placenta previa because at that time I experienced urination mixed with fresh blood for several days until finally being treated at the hospital. When I experience this again, my urine is fresh red. What should I do? Anyway, right now I’m having a dry cough for a few days, at night the cough will be more frequent until my stomach feels like it’s being pulled. Is it because of the cough that is causing my bleeding back since I was diagnosed with placenta previa? Is there a cough medicine that is really effective, because I can’t sleep at night. thank you

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Hi lauragavin,

Thank you for the question.

Placenta previa is a condition where the placenta (the placenta) attaches to, attaches, or even covers the birth canal. This condition is indeed susceptible to causing pregnant women to experience bleeding from the birth canal, not only during urination, but also during sexual intercourse, when heavy activity is exhausted, and in other conditions. Even without a clear trigger, placenta previa can trigger recurrent bleeding. So, this condition does not solely occur due to the cough that you experience huh ..

A cough that doesn't heal during pregnancy can actually trigger quite annoying stomach pain. These coughs may have many causes, such as irritation (for example due to exposure to dry air, smoke, or pollution), allergies (for example due to cold, pollen, or dust mites), acid reflux to the throat, viral or bacterial infections, asthma, bronchitis, aspiration, congestive kidney failure, and so on. This cough, depending on the cause and severity, can be treated differently. Given your condition who is pregnant, and given the many possible causes of the cough, it is not advisable to consume any medication, especially without first seeing a doctor.

Our advice, check yourself back to the doctor or obstetrician. With an ultrasound examination, your doctor can carefully evaluate the condition of the fetus in your uterus, along with the placenta. Maybe, the doctor will direct you to have a blood test so that the cause of the cough can be identified and handled properly according to the cause.

In the meantime, you should treat coughing and bleeding by:

Limit shouting or excessive talking
Not accustomed to breathing through the mouth
Stay away from cigarettes and smoke
Stay away from substances that cause allergies and irritants (as mentioned above)
Don't over-eat greasy, confiscated, and artificial sweets
Also limit eating and drinking habits that are too cold
Get more rest
Do not have excessive sex, especially if it involves vaginal penetration
Always keep the cleanliness of sex organs
Drink plenty of warm water
Warm compresses on your painful stomach

Hope this helps ...

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