From What Age Can A Baby Eat Solid Food?

My baby is only 6 months old 1 day. When he can eat solid

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Entering the age of 6 months complementary food (MPASI) should be given to babies to support optimal growth and development. In the first 2 weeks of starting MPASI is considered as the introduction of children to know the type of food and texture, so that the frequency of eating enough twice while the rest is still given breast milk. In addition to frequency, the texture at the beginning of giving MPASI is with a smooth structure for example by blending and then filtered.
Entering the age of 7 months the frequency of meals is increased to 3 times by including 1 snack in it, with the texture of food that is roughly blended.

And so on until the age of 1 year the child has eaten 6 times a day consisting of 3 main meals and 3 snacks where suckling is included in the snack schedule, and at this age children can be given solid textured food in accordance with the family food menu. Breast milk is no longer a primary source of nutrition for children over 1 year because it is the nutritional content of breast milk that will naturally decrease, so eating is the main thing for the growth of children at this age.
Provision of food frequency and texture gradually is good so that children can learn new things and as a process of adaptation of the child's digestive tract.

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