Front Headaches After Strenuous Activity?

Illustration of Front Headaches After Strenuous Activity?
Illustration: Front Headaches After Strenuous Activity?

, sometimes I get tired after doing strenuous activities ,, the upper front of the head to be precise on the forehead and above the ears ,, accompanied by a little nausea, blurred vision … and the body is weak even after eating … is it a normal headache, isn’t it? ?? Is my brain injury not completely healed 4 years ago ,, I previously had a history of moderate brain injury, I was unconscious for 9 hours at the time of the accident ,,, r nand whether people who have had a brain injury are fully recovering or recovering 100% like in the past … because before the accident I was not prone to illness … after the accident I was easily weak and dizzy … I used activities that were busy and required deep thoughts, I often got dizzy … until the road couldn’t go straight ,, , r nthank you ,,

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Headaches can arise due to two basic causes, primary causes or secondary causes. The primary cause of headache means that there are no other medical conditions that affect the appearance of the headache and that the headache arises purely due to an abnormality in the head. Among the types are:

Migraine, which is characterized by one-sided headaches Tension headaches, which are characterized by generalized headaches such as straps Cluster headaches, which are usually severe headaches, accompanied by pain in one part of the eye, red, watery and runny nose

Meanwhile, in secondary headaches, other causes that underlie the appearance of headaches are found, including:

Buildup of fluid in the head, such as brain fluid in hydrocephalus or blood in head injuries Glaucoma of the eye that appears in people with diabetes Infection of the brain or lining of the brain, which can come from the ears, teeth or nose.

In your case, regarding your question as to whether your previous head injury has fully healed or not, you should consult a neurologist. Your doctor will probably ask you to do a head CT scan to see the condition of your brain, whether there are any remaining abnormalities since the injury you suffered 4 years ago.

Even if it wasn't because of an accident 4 years ago, headaches followed by fatigue, dizziness, nausea, and blurred vision are indeed the competence of a neurologist and your neurologist should be able to suspect the possibility of these symptoms appearing to you from the examination. Also share physical changes such as frequent dizziness, difficulty walking, and susceptibility to pain to your neurologist.

Meanwhile, before it is clear what disease you are experiencing, limit your physical activity, drink lots of water, avoid cigarette smoke, stress and stay up late. You can take over-the-counter pain medication to relieve headaches by reading the directions for use listed. Avoid consuming salty foods and drinks containing caffeine and regular exercise. Get well soon.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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