Further Treatment Of Urticaria Vasculitis?

Illustration of Further Treatment Of Urticaria Vasculitis?
Illustration: Further Treatment Of Urticaria Vasculitis? vasculitis.org.uk

Hi doctor, I am an urticaria vasculitis patient, I have this disease when I check k dr. Immunology specialist 2 years ago, just before treatment I didn’t proceed any further because of the promil, because the doctor gave me the choice to get pregnant in the treatment, because I didn’t have any offspring so I chose promil. thank God I was given an offspring, now that I feel, I often feel weak, dizzy, etc. The more I feel. Do you think my doctor continued with the immune doctor or the dermatologist? Because there is nothing a dermatologist, and according to what doctor I have right for my illness, is it checked by an immunologist?

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Urticaria vasculitis is a condition characterized by urticari such as bumps where histologically, vasculitis will be found. Urticarial vasculitis includes an allergic reaction namely type 3 hypersensitivity which is related to immunological conditions.

Actually the cause of this condition is definitely not known clearly. However, some conditions can be associated with urticaria vasculitis, for example, some autoimmune diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, viral infections, or certain side effects.

This condition is indeed runny with immunology, so your woman beforehand to consult an immunologist is appropriate. We recommend that you consult the condition again to the doctor who has handled you before, so that your doctor also has known your medical history and will be easier later.

Handling this condition usually requires monitoring in a long period of time to reduce the risk of recurrence of urtukaria vasculitis. The treatment given can be in the form of medication to suppress or suppress the immune system so that usually it should not be consumed when someone is going to do a pregnant or pregnant program. For that, after you give birth later the doctor will conduct the examination first and provide a treatment plan that is appropriate for you,

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