Gabapentin Side Effects?

Illustration of Gabapentin Side Effects?
Illustration: Gabapentin Side Effects?

I was prescribed gabapentin for 30 days by a neurologist because of complaints of pain in the neck. Are the side effects of gabapentin can affect hearing ??? Because my hearing all this time is only one side left. Afraid that my only hearing would be gone.

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Gabapentin is included in the class of antiepileptic drugs used to treat / prevent seizures, but can also be used to treat pain caused by neurological disorders. Some of the common side effects of gabapentin include:

dizziness drowsiness disorders of balance and coordination of speech difficulties tremors and spontaneous muscle contractions that occur suddenly visual disturbances nystagmus digestive disorders other side effects that are less common include changes in mood and behavior, depression, anxiety This drug will not interfere with your hearing. If you experience certain problems with your hearing, you can also consult an ENT doctor so you can find out the cause.

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