Gain Weight In Diabetics And Coronary Heart Disease?

Illustration of Gain Weight In Diabetics And Coronary Heart Disease?
Illustration: Gain Weight In Diabetics And Coronary Heart Disease?

Good evening doctor My mother is 54 years old, one month ago was hospitalized because of type 2 diabetes u0026amp; I just found out that doctors diagnosed that there was cardiac arrest too. It has been a month since he was discharged from the hospital but his weight has decreased following a low-fat diet. salt given by the hospital. Before hospitalization, my mother’s weight was normal, but since she knew that there was a coronary heart u0026amp; told to go on a diet, my mother was so scared I wanted to eat this it was going to eat very little. So I wanted to ask for tips on how to gain weight for my mother who has a history of diabetes. coronary heart disease? Is it permissible to consume diabetes milk for people with coronary heart disease? Then what foods are good for diabetics u0026amp; coronary heart? So that my mother does not stress u0026amp; afraid of eating. I just found out my mother had coronary heart disease u0026amp; diabetes, I want to take maximum care of my mother but my understanding is still lacking about diabetes u0026amp; coronary heart I beg advice u0026amp; help, doctor 🙏🏻

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O Holy,

The main principle in increasing body weight is to ensure that more calories come in than calories released by the body (surplus calories). However, calorie requirements vary greatly and are influenced by age, sex, height, activity and body condition. In general, the source of calories is divided into 3, namely:


Calculation of caloric needs cannot be done only through online consultation, but requires a direct examination because it is influenced by various factors above. Especially if your mother has special medical conditions such as diabetes that affect the body's metabolic processes.

Because your mother also has accompanying conditions (CHD / coronary heart disease), then diet planning should be done after you consult a nutrition specialist so that the right diet can be done. In addition to dietary consultation, your mother's accompanying condition must also be resolved so that your mother should also have her examined by a specialist in internal medicine and a specialist in heart disease.

Here are some examples of foods that are good for your mother:

Whole-grain food, oatmeal
Fruits like avocado or papaya
A good source of protein and fat, for example fish
Special additional foods such as milk for diabetics

You can also read the following article to help determine good food for your mother's condition.

May be useful,

dr. Budiono

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