Illustration of Gallstones
Illustration: Gallstones

Halo.dok 4 months after giving birth I often get pain in the upper right abdomen. The stomach has turned white and gallstones are large.

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Bile is an organ that is under the heart. Various causes can cause the formation of stones in the gallbladder. Gallstones or in the medical world known as colelithiasis is a disease caused by stones on the gallbladder that usually cause symptoms in the form of sudden stomach pain.

Treatment is usually not necessary if the size of the stone is small and causes no symptoms, because it is expected that the stone can come out through urine But if there is a complaint that means the treatment can be done both surgical and non-surgical. In general, treatment in the form of surgery because with drugs felt less effective. The use of drugs (such as ursodeoksikolat acid) is usually done if the stone size is small and the symptoms that occur are mild or if surgery is not possible. But of course the use of drugs must be based on the doctor's indication and not on their own.

Some things can prevent the formation of gallstones including:

Avoid high saturated fatty foods such as the meaning of coconut milk or too oily
Avoid cigarettes and alcohol
Healthy lifestyles
Maintain body shape, avoid obesity

If symptoms continue to occur immediately to the doctor for further treatment so that something dangerous can be prevented.


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