Illustration of Gallstones
Illustration: Gallstones

Good evening Doc, introduce me Meta. I want to ask what is the cause of gallstones? My friend suffered from gallstones and then operated on, after that even his HB decreased so it needed a blood transfusion, then like to experience shortness of breath. Yesterday just died dock with a stomach swollen. Thank you dock

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Hello Meta, thank you for consulting us on the web.

Basically gallstone disease or cholelitiasis is a sudden abdominal pain due to stones formed in the gallbladder, which can sometimes also occur in the bile. The location of the gallbladder is under the liver, which has the function of producing and storing bile which plays an important role in the process of digestion of food including in digesting the cholesterol contained in the food consumed. In a supportive condition, this cholesterol eventually fails to digest and eventually hardens and forms stones.

Generally complications if gallstones are not treated include:

Cholangitis / inflammation of the bile duct

Acute pancreatitis / acute pancreatic inflammation

Illeus gallstones or intestinal obstruction due to gallstones

Sepsis / blood poisoning

But, this complication does not necessarily just happen right away, because generally the symptoms of gallstones will appear at the beginning of the formation of stones in the gallbladder, the symptoms include:

Stomach pain
The stomach feels bloated
Decreased appetite
Stomach ache

When these symptoms are often felt, sufferers will come to a health facility and consult with a doctor regarding complaints. And when it is suspected that there is a complaint that leads to gallstones the doctor will perform additional examinations such as blood laboratories, and also other imaging tests such as abdominal / abdominal ultrasound, CT scan, MRI or retrograde cholangio-pancreatography (ERCP) endoscopy.

The condition of death during the treatment or treatment process sometimes appears unexpected. Because before it was decided to do the operation, of course, the team of doctors had to consider all the examinations that had been done. It's just that there are some conditions that can occur out of control that can be sudden and acute, causing sudden deterioration in some patients. Of course in this case we cannot explain the cause of death because of what, because the one who has more right to answer and explain is the doctor who treats the patient. Here we can only answer that there are many factors that can affect patients who are treated experiencing worsening to death.

Thus our explanation, hopefully can answer your questions.

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