Gastric Acid

Illustration of Gastric Acid
Illustration: Gastric Acid

Excuse me doc, I am 23+ years old, have acid reflux disease. Why do you have symptoms that are often breathed on the nose but don’t feel Heartburn, and vice versa, just when you feel heartburn of breath on the normal nose. Already applying regular eating patterns, but chaotic thoughts recur again … when the mind is calm, after eating / bowing to recur again. Is stomach acid disease can be fully recovered?

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Hello depit,

Thank you for the question.

Due to the incompetence of the valve that limits the esophagus to the stomach, some acid from the stomach can rise again (reflux) and irritate the esophagus, then cause symptoms of heat, pain, itching, tightness, and a lump around the throat (or often called heartburn). Not infrequently, inflammation in the throat also spreads to the surrounding area, namely the nasal cavity, mouth, and even ears. Therefore, when the disease recurs, you can also feel uncomfortable sensations around your nasal cavity, for example in the form of smelling bad odors, nasal congestion or runny nose, olfactory disorders, and so on.

However, in addition to the effects of acid reflux, it could also be, complaints in your nose arise due to other reasons, such as allergic rhinitis, infectious rhinitis, sinusitis, polyps or cancer, foreign body intrusion, impaired immunity, drug side effects, and so on .

To be clear, ideally you need to see a doctor directly. It's just that, during the COVID-19 pandemic like this, an examination to a doctor that is not an emergency should be postponed first. Instead, you can do it first:

Eat regularly, small but frequent portions
Recognize foods that often trigger your heartburn, then avoid it
Do not immediately sleep after eating
Control stress well
Get plenty of rest and drink lots of water too
Discipline to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle
Do not pry excessive nose, especially with dirty hands
Also avoid cold, dry air, smoke, dust, and other things that make you allergic
Do not take any medicine without doctor's advice

Most people with acid reflux cannot completely recover from the disease. However, with proper treatment, symptoms due to illness can be controlled and sufferers can return to their activities properly. Therefore, it is better for you to be patient and disciplined in following the steps above. If it does not improve for a long time, or if it appears shortness and severe vomiting, do not hesitate to check with your doctor, yes .. If necessary, the doctor can refer you to the ENT doctor or internal medicine.

I hope this helps.

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