Gastric Acid Rises?

Illustration of Gastric Acid Rises?
Illustration: Gastric Acid Rises?

Good morning before lunch ayaI Juan wants to ask. My stomach acid went up on Sunday afternoon and I drank UC1000, I forgot if this drink was fizzy. When the night I drink again, stomach acid rises and pain in the gut. There I realized that I was sensitive to the drink. I went to the clinic and got the medicine. But the next day I forced myself to work, even though I still didn’t feel nails with my stomach. Because of frequent walking and standing, the stomach does not feel well and become short of breath. What is it?

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Gastric acid has increased due to several things, namely:

Food factors such as foods high in fat, too spicy, or too acidic or too late to eat
Factor of drinks, like coffee, drinks too acidic, or fizzy.
Lay directly after eating
Certain psychological conditions such as depression, stress, anxiety, panic

When there is an increase in stomach acid symptoms can occur in the form of heartburn, chest feeling like burning, chest pain, nausea, vomiting, stomach feeling bloated, esophagus and mouth feel acidic, to shortness of breath. To determine the cause, a thorough examination must be carried out starting from the physical examination and necessary support such as endoscopy, ECG, chest X-ray, and so on.

For that, a number of things you can do at home include:

Drink plenty of warm water
Avoid foods and drinks that trigger symptoms such as coffee, foods that are too acidic, or too spicy
Avoid procrastinating
Regular exercise
Avoid lying down directly after eating
Avoid cigarettes and alcohol
Manage stress well
With the rampant cases of Corona infections that are happening it helps you stay at home and consume the drugs that have been given by your doctor. Do not leave the house if it is not urgent and do social distancing by keeping a minimum distance of 1m from those around. Make a clean and healthy lifestyle at home.

If the complaint is aggravated by severe nausea and vomiting, vomiting or bloody bowel movements, to chest pain go to the doctor immediately for further treatment using a mask because of the current situation.

That's all, hope it helps. Stay healthy.

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