Gastric Acid

Illustration of Gastric Acid
Illustration: Gastric Acid

doc I want to ask, I’m sick with stomach acid, and for almost 2 weeks I take medicine that contains magnesium hydroxsida and ranitidine drug, slowly ulcer improves doc, but I was after eating and that’s quite a lot, this made me bloated again, and after the bloating subsides a bit, so I often hunger the dock even though only half an hour I eat, is this a sign that stomach acid will heal dock?

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Hello elsen

Thank you for asking

complaints that you experience can indeed be caused by a recurrence of your stomach ulcers, where the cause of heartburn due to unhealthy lifestyle patterns such as:

Too much caffeine, alcohol and soft drinks.
Eat too fast and too much.
Consume too much spicy, fatty or oily food.

Factors for side effects of drug use, such as:

Antibiotic medicine.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), such as diclofenac and ibuprofen.

heartburn can be prevented because of its recurrence if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle, and do not take drugs carelessly without a prescription or doctor's advice, so the signs of heartburn recover not because often hungry, maybe your hunger often due to increased appetite so there is no relation to your stomach, eating too much can cause your stomach ulcers so eat a little but often and do not eat quickly. There are several things you can do to prevent your stomach ulcers from recurring

Consumption of food in small portions, so that the stomach workload is not too heavy.
Eat slowly and chew food until smooth before swallowing.
Avoid foods that contain high levels of acid, such as oranges and tomatoes.
Limit consumption of caffeinated beverages, because caffeine triggers the stomach to produce more acid.
Limit consumption of spicy, fatty, oily, or high-fiber foods.
Limit alcohol consumption, because alcohol can cause irritation to the lining of the abdominal cavity.
Do not lie down after eating.

Quit smoking.
Get enough rest. Keep your head in a higher position, so that the process of digestion into the intestine can take place well.
Avoid exercising when the stomach is full. Do exercise before eating or wait at least 1 hour after eating.
Control stress with meditation or yoga.
Avoid taking drugs that cause stomach pain. These drugs include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

heartburn treatment generally depends on the underlying condition. Most minor heartburn can go away without going through medical treatment. However, if heartburn persists or symptoms get worse, your doctor may recommend a number of treatment methods. so you can prevent your heartburn, but if your heartburn recurs and gets worse immediately consult a doctor to be able to do a direct examination and treatment appropriately.

Thus the info that I can provide hopefully can help you

thank you

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