Gastric Betting

Illustration of Gastric Betting
Illustration: Gastric Betting

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Hello Rijjalt, Thank you for the question.

Gastric lavage is not a disease diagnosis but is one of the medical measures to remove the contents of the stomach. This action is usually done to remove toxins that enter the body for example because it consumes substances that are harmful to the body. This action is done by inserting a tube into the stomach through the esophagus. After the position is right in the stomach, the doctor will enter warm water or normal saline fluid (intravenous fluids through this tube by using a kind of large syringe to get into the stomach. After entering the water or this fluid, the doctor will pull back the water / liquid again with this syringe.This action is carried out several times until the water or liquid that is drawn out is clean.Usually after that the doctor will also insert activated carbon through this hose to absorb the remaining toxins in the stomach.However, the gastric lavage measures have been done because of its effectiveness has not been proven and the risk of this action is greater, namely injury to the digestive tract, aspiration (water / fluid that is inserted into the lungs), throat spasms that cause impaired breathing, and others.

If it is not the gastric lavage that you are asking, please re-create a new question by clarifying your intentions.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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