Gastric Endoscopy Examination Results?

Illustration of Gastric Endoscopy Examination Results?
Illustration: Gastric Endoscopy Examination Results?

Hello, I want to ask. Yesterday I did an endoscopy on my stomach and the endoscopy showed the lower third part of the esophagus: grade I esophagitis. R nIn the gastric anterior: hyperemic mucosa r nIn the corpus of the stomach: bile fluid r nThe conclusion shows the result: distal erosiv esophagitis (GERD), Bile replux gastritis. R nPlease help give answers.

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Hi Dedi,

In general, the results of your endoscopy show:

The presence of an inflammatory process, irritation in the lower part of the esophagus or lower food / esophagus wall of the lower stomach / antrum, redness or experiencing an inflammatory process. Bile is found in the stomach. The conclusion of the facts above are:

There is inflammation of the esophagus due to reflux of stomach acid, GERD. There is inflammation of the stomach wall due to reflux of bile. Please note that normally, gastric juices will not be in the esophagus / tube that connects the mouth and stomach. But in GERD, stomach fluids can enter this part of the esophagus and cause irritation in the esophagus area.

Meanwhile, inflammation of the stomach wall caused by bile, normally, this bile will be released by the gallbladder into the duodenum / intestinal area after the stomach. However, with a certain cause, this bile can enter the stomach chamber, causing irritation and inflammation, even to the point of entering the esophageal area.

Please discuss this further with the doctor who treats you. Commonly reflux acid reflux can be treated with medication and lifestyle changes. In bile-induced inflammation of the stomach, different drugs and even surgery may be required, in severe cases.

The following tips can help:

Avoid smoking, alcohol. Eat in small portions. Avoid lying down after eating. Limit fatty foods. Maintain ideal body weight. Elevate your upper body to 10-15cm when lying down, sleeping. Avoid stress and do relaxation techniques such as: breathing exercises, meditation and yoga. That's the explanation, hope it can help you.

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